A new frontier in HORSES

Breeding performance quarter horses, the incredibly beautiful Gypsy Vanner Horses, Clydesdales, Drums, and registered draft crosses

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For the Love of Horses

Years of careful selection have helped us establish a line of horses that are ready to perform with amazing minds, outstanding bone, long lasting proven conformation and temperaments to match their talents. The Miller family has competed in many disciplines and arenas with fantastic horses which have helped them to create a name synonymous with high level equine performance. With world, national, and state titles in their lists of accomplishments, the Millers not only have the know how but have the horse power to back it up. From breeding top level performance horses to teaching all levels of riding in a curriculum based riding program, there’s something for everyone at ROCKIN JM.

Our Story

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

Our Mission Statement

Our mission at ROCKIN JM is to provide outstanding performance horses, training, instruction, and education that helps to further each individual’s goal with horses whether it is to become a world champion competitor or simply a safe rider.

Our Vision

Our vision at ROCKIN JM is to enable our riders and horses to be competent at every level developing a lifelong love and respect for an equestrian lifestyle.

Our Program

At ROCKING JM, we are different than the average training and lesson barn. We begin all horse training with ground work including ground driving and long lining. Horses in training at our barn learn respect on the ground and how to bend and give in their bodies before they ever carry a rider. Respect earned on the ground easily conveys to the rider once the horse is ready for that level of training. The result of respectful training is a horse that is confident to do his job as a partner with his rider, no matter what the job may be. 

In our lesson program, riders begin our curriculum of centered riding with all aspects of safety for horse and rider as a focus. Each lesson builds on the previous lesson learning balance, control, and mastery of riding skills. At our barn, our riders are prepared for any situation and are ready to move on to competition if they so desire.

Jade Miller, BSN, RN has been involved with horses for 50 years. Her love of horses started at age 2 and has never stopped. Her career includes world, national, and state championships in competitive riding and driving. She has trained horses for over 30 years and has trained world champion horses and riders. Jade shares her love of horses with her daughter, Haley, and together, they are ROCKIN JM RANCH.

Haley Miller has been involved with horses for the past 20 years and holds world, national, and state championship titles in competitive riding and driving. Haley has been training horses since the age of 16 and has shared her expertise as an instructor for the past 5 years. She owns and manages the ROCKIN JM riding academy in addition to training horses in various disciplines. Haley is the master instructor at ROCKIN JM RANCH.