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Our Heritage Clydesdale

Breeding Program

At ROCKIN JM RANCH, we are doing our part to help sustain the Clydesdale horse breed. The Clydesdale horse is a heritage breed, meaning these horses were one of the breeds of our forefathers. The breed is now endangered with less than 5000 Clydesdales hoses world wide (The Livestock Conservancy, 2021). Clydesdale horses are a draft breed that combines strength, style, stamina, and size and are used in riding and driving.

With our registered Clydesdale mares, Rivers Edge Bodacious Baby (Bodie) and Fargo’s Prairie Lily, (Saoirse) and the help of Timber Creek Veterinary Clinic, we are breeding registered Clydesdale foals using state-of-the-art technology with artificial insemination and embryo transfers. At ROCKIN JM, we are not only breeding these amazing horses but also using them as ambassadors for the breed itself. Bodie is part of our lesson and therapy program and Saoirse is one of our driving and competition horses.