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Horse Training

Horse training begins with a solid foundation in the basics. Just as children learn their alphabet before they begin to read, horses must learn the basics of respect, pressure, release, reward, and control before they can begin advanced work. We believe in positive reinforcement with all tasks which helps to build respect and control. We also understand that not every horse has been handled since birth or learns at the same pace as another horse. We typically spend a solid month on ground work including ground driving and long lining. However, some horses may need a little more time to grasp key concepts. With all horses, none of the time spent on the ground is lost as horses quickly convey what they learned on the ground to saddle work. Most are usually ahead of other horses within a week of riding because they already understand all basic concepts.

ROCKIN JM prepares and trains horses in English and western disciplines and also trains driving horses. With a equestrian background to draw from, our expertise is deep and wide which gives us the ability to train your horse for whatever you are interested in.

From halter training and colt starting to advanced training in show and speed events including barrels and cowboy mounted shooting, we have a program for your horse. Ask us about what we can do with your horse to make all your dreams come true.