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Welcome Home, WS Task Ta Boom!

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our sweet weanling, Wizard. He will arrive from Washington later this month. We are incredibly excited about beginning his training and enjoying his precious personality. Watch for show results later this spring!

Gyspy magic is happening at ROCKIN JM!  We had an exciting addition to our stallion line up with the purchase of WS TASK TA BOOM by 5 star rated THF BOOMERANG. This young stallion has a 5 star lineup in his pedigree with his great grandsire, TASKIN, also on his papers. Watch for results from the show ring because he is going to do it all! Welcome home, WIZARD!

We will begin showing WIZARD  beginning in spring 2022 and have great expectations for this handsome fella.  We will offer stallion services in 2023. Wizard is PSSM 1 negative. His color is: A/A, E/e, Cr/n, TO/n which means that he is homozygous dominant for Agouti and carries 1 Black, 1 Cream, and 1 Tobiano gene giving him the possibility of producing blacks, creams, and pintos!